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August 15 2012

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How to reset XP on every reboot

No virus-infections anymore

Microsoft discontinued a barely known tool that makes virus-infections impossible. This happened on January 1st, 2011. The wonder-program upgrades XP-SP2-installations and resets a windows-installation on every reboot. Finetuning allows the user to define exceptions. Antivirus-updates and specific folders for instance, can be excluded from a reset. Such defined exceptions will remain on a harddisk after a reboot.

Managed properly, it's possible to avoid any kind of long-term virus-infection since the whole disk-partition gets reset after a shutdown. Microsoft didn't mention any reasons for it's decision and removed the program from it's servers. A download is still possible from the cnet-download-page here.

The tool was known as Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit and later as Windows Steadystate and intended for usage in internet cafes and libraries. Additional tools like user restrictions and settings or computer-restrictions modify the windows-behavior in addition and are included in the toolkit.

It can be regulated for instance, which programs a user can execute or which folders are locked for non-admin-users. Also system-settings can be protected from modifications during the runtime between the resets.

August 01 2012


How to convert a mp3-collection to ogg-vorbis

Double the number of songs on your mp3-player

Dirdate is a rare shareware to copy timestamp of files. This function is missing in most encoding-programs. Encoded files usually get timestamps of the encoding-time. The source-file's creation-time usually is lost then. Sorting songs by date in windows-explorer is impossible afterwards. With the shown method this problem gets solved when encoding mp3-files to ogg-vorbis. This saves up to 50% diskspace. This way, owners of mp3-players with ogg-capabilities can "double" the memory.

1) Install Dirdate2, open the command-prompt (Start > Run... > Type in "cmd" and hit enter), go to the folder with your mp3-files* (type "cd" and then "cd " folled by the folder name**) and type in the line below to create a bat-file of all mp3-files in that folder. Don't forget to hit enter after the command is written:

       dirdate -REPORT *.mp3 > batfile.bat

2) Convert all mp3-files to ogg-files with an appropriate program like freac (formerly bonkenc). Choose the output folder to be the same as the input-folder. Good quality-settings of 0.4 ensure a minimum of quality-loss. Ogg-files in mode 0.4 have a similar quality as 256kbit-mp3s but need only half the diskspace. The actual bitrate is an always changing value, depending on song-position and needed quality.

3) Open the file batfile.bat with a text-editor like notepad and auto-replace all occurances of ".mp3" with ".ogg" (Edit > Replace...).
All lines in that batfile should refere to the newly encoded files now.

4) Run the bat-file with typing batfile.bat.

5) All ogg-files have correct date- and timestamps now and differ from the source-mp3s only in filesize. Even with an ogg-quality of 0.4 the new oggs should have half the size of the source mp3-files. If not, an old ogg-encoder was used.

6) Delete the source mp3-files to save diskspace. Be sure all ogg-files encoded properly so you won't loose audio-records. The following line will delete all mp3s in the current folder:
         erase *.mp3

Every encoding-process with a lossy codec like mp3, mp4, wma, ogg-vorbis or aac reduces the sound-quality. The resulting ogg-files may differ in sound-quality when listening carefully. Best quality is guaranteed when encoding a CD directly into ogg-vorbis.

Don't use ogg-vorbis for audio-files with spoken-text. In many cases the mp3-files are already optimized for low-bitrates but clear sound to minimize the filesize. Ogg-vorbis is not optimized for low-quality-results. Instead try the speech-optimized speex-codec, which unfortunately is not supported by many mp3-players. A good alternative is wma which is supported by more players but not available for free. It may give good results with low-bitrate-files.

Ogg-vorbis-files unfortunately don't support album-art as mp3-files do. Pictures inside mp3-files get lost during conversion. However ID3-Tag-informations do get transferred to inform about artist and songname when listening to an ogg-file.


*At the command-prompt, the drive gets changed with typing the driver letter (e.g. D) followed by a colon and a hit on the enter-button.

**The folder-name (or path, when talking about a series of subfolders) is shown in the windows-xp-explorer when clicking on View >> Toolbars >> Address Bar

January 11 2012


Wikipedia - Plate Tectonics

"The key principle of plate tectonics is that the lithosphere exists as separate and distinct tectonic plates, which float on the fluid-like (visco-elastic solid) asthenosphere. The relative fluidity of the asthenosphere allows the tectonic plates to undergo motion in different directions", short-description of tectonics on wikipedia.

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The only map showing the south-pole in one piece and in about the proper size, located near south-america.

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Physical facts.
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January 10 2012

Miner Wars got a level editor. This video introduces the newest version of the game.

December 08 2011


A new miner-wars-trailer is out

The pre-alpha-demo unfortunately didn't run on two test-computers. The final-release is set for fall 2012.

Miner Wars is an online space-combat-simulation with focus on fighting, mining and trading. Digging through asteroids with a spaceship, the player harvests ore, battles against other players and dig tunnels into asteroids and planets.

The whole solar-system shall be simulated. Planets and asteroids will have real scales. E.g. an asteroid can be several kilometers in diameter. The ability to land on planets is planned too. Trading with rare ores to buy better ships and equipment will be an important goal in the game.

November 08 2011


First Orbit

A real time recreation of Yuri Gagarin's pioneering first orbit, shot entirely in space from on board the International Space Station. The film combines this new footage with Gagarin's original mission audio and a new musical score by composer Philip Sheppard.

Duration: 1h 40 min

For more information visit www.firstorbit.org/

Play fullscreen

 News from the flamedriller: A company is testing two prototypes: One for humid and one for dry environment. The driller is faster than conventional drillers and doesn't touch the rock. The brave inventor and his company are serious to put the invention on the market. Weblinks:

Potter-Drilling Homepage

Explanation of the method (lots of text)

November 01 2011

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It looks like a homemade surfboard but it's the world's fastest supersonic aircraft. The X43A did reach mach 9.6 (about 12.000 km/h) in 2004 and uses a special air-compression-engine.

It needs a basic speed to get started at an altitude of 30.000 meters. A rocket - fired by a military aircraft - carries the X43A until neccesary speed and height are reached. The air in the engine is getting compressed by the extremely fast airflow during supersonic and not by a compressor. Without cooling the engine reaches temperatures between 3000 and 4000 °C - even though the outside-temperatures are somewhere between -40°C and -60°C. Even though mach 9.6 was enough to go round the earth within an hour, the flight lasted only 20 seconds.  

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